New York City: Writing exercise


Please note: partner work possible / 1 extra page with your name/s on it / habd it in at the end of the double lesson / do not forget to cite your sources




You are a taxi driver in NYC who picks up two tourists at the JFK International Airport / Queens.




The tourists ask you for a tour through NYC.




Please come up with an interesting tour through all five boroughs.




Write down everywhere you go.


Use as many information as possible


(e.g. names of streets, bridges, rivers, etc.).





My English activities
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Grammatik / grammar






 Links mit der Maus markieren oder

Link in einem neuen Fenster öffnen























Exercises (Übungen)



Writing (Schreiben):


Please copy and paste the link and write 1/2 a page on an extra sheet of paper (Bitte kopieren den Link und schreibe eine halbe Seite auf ein extra Blatt Papier)



Word order (Satzbau) - please copy and paste









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