In 1620, the Mayflower sailed from England across the Atlantic Ocean.


102 men, women, and children were on board of the ship.


They wanted to start a new life.


Two months later, the ship reached North America.


Here, the people built houses.


Some religious people were later called the Pilgrims.


They thanked God and the native people who helped them to survive.


They called that celebration Thanksgiving.






Build a ship to bring the 102 people from England to North America.


The ship needs to float on water for one minute (!).


102 single Cents represent the passengers.


Your ship must hold the Cents without sinking.





Use the material I give you.


Make your model as close to the original as possible!



H E L P:  P R E S E N T A T I O N



Hello, and welcome to our presentation about the Mayflower.


Our names are _________ and ___________.


Here, you can see our ship.


We used ______________________ (material).


(glue = Kleber / tin foil = Alufolie / toothpick = Zahnstocher / paper cup = Pappbecher / cord = Schnur / flag = Flagge)



Together, it took us _______ hours to build the ship.


Thank you very much for listening.


Do you have any questions?