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Direct and indirect speech: Lösungen








1.     Peter: "I wrote a letter yesterday."


Peter told me (that) he had written a letter the day before.






2.     Mike: "My father flew to Sydney last year."


Mike said (that) his father had flown to Sydney the year before.






3.     John: "I swim a lot."


John said (that) he swam a lot.






4.     Anne: "She has just gone to the bank."


Anne told me (that) she had just gone to the bank.






5.     Michael: "I played football yesterday."


Michael said (that) he had played football the day before.






6.     Peter: "I do not want to visit a museum when I go to Berlin."


Peter told me (that) he did not want to visit a museum when he went to Berlin.






7.     Mary asks: "Do you know the answer?"


Mary wondered if / whether I knew the answer.






8.     Teacher to Lisa: "Please come to me."


The teacher told Lisa to come to him / her.  






9.     Sandra asked John: "Have you seen my English textbook?"


Sandra asked John if / whether he had seen her English textbook.






10.  Peter: "I get up at 7 o'clock."


Peter told me (that) he got up at 7 o'clock.