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Present Perfect: Lösungen






1.         Please fill out the table. Bitte fülle die Tabelle aus.




Aussagesatz (+)

Verneinung (-)

Frage (?)


Peter has cooked lunch.




Peter has not cooked lunch.


Has Peter cooked lunch?


Weh ave been to America.


We have not been to America.




Have we been to America?


They have taken out their books.


They have not taken out their books.


Have they taken out their books?









2.         Please write down the correct sentences / questions.


Bitte schreibe die richtigen Sätze / Fragen auf.   




she / just / (to) go / shopping

She has just gone shopping.


you / already / (to) do / your / homework /

You have already done your homework.


Who / (to) write / this test?

Who has written this test?


I / just / not (to) talk / to him

I have not talked to him.









3.         Simple Past OR Present Perfect? Simple Past oder Present Perfect?






1.         Last year, we were in Spain.




2.         I have finished my workbook homework, but I still do not

            understand number eight.




3.         Sorry, I am not hungry. I have just eaten a burger.