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Past Perfect: Lösungen




1.         Please fill out the table.




positive sentence (+)

negative sentence (-)

question (?)


I had fallen asleep.




I had not fallen asleep.


Had I fallen asleep?


I had paid the bill.


You had not paid the bill.




Had you paid the bill?


Lisa had told her story.


Lisa had not told her story.


Had Lisa told her story?












2.         Simple Past and Past Perfect. Please fill out the gaps.  




1.              After Luca had stood up he  switched on the lights.


2.              Before he showed us Australia, he had looked at the world map.


3.              When Peter came home, his parents had left.








3.         Please write the two sentences as one and use when.     





They saved enough money. They bought a gaming console.

When they had saved enough money, the bought a gaming console.




The students learned all the vocabulary. They wrote a test.

When the students had learned all the vocabulary, they wrote a test.




We washed our hands. We had lunch.

When we had lunch we had washed our hands.