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Simple Past: Lösungen




1.         Please fill out the table. Bitte fülle die Tabelle aus.






Aussagesatz (+)

Verneinung (-)

Frage (?)


Jane opened the door.




Jane did not open the door.


Did Jane open the door?


Peter and Lisa played tennis yesterday.


Peter and Lisa did not play tennis yesterday.



Did Peter and Lisa play tennis yesterday?


Tom bought a game.


Tom did not buy a game.


Did Tom buy a game?












2.         Was oder were? Please fill out the gaps. Was oder were? 

            Bitte fülle die Lücken aus. 




1.         Paul was not at home last week.


2.         Amy and Susan were ill yesterday.


3.         The children were in the garden.


4.         I was happy when we won the game.




3.         Please fill out the gaps. Bitte fülle die Lücken aus.


1.         Peter had (to have) an accident last year.


            2.         In 2020, we did not go (not / to go) to the cinema.


            3.         Did Peter bring (to bring) his book to Lisa?


            4.         They talked (to talk) to him about his class test.