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If-clause Type 3: Lösungen




If-clause Type 3: Please fill out the gaps.






1.     I would have phoned you if I had not seen you.


2.     If we had gone to the match, we would have seen ten goals.


3.     We would have won if we had scored more goals.


4.     If we had not forgotten the map, we would have known where we were.


5.     If we had not been so tired, we would have heard the phone.










If-clause Type 1 – 3: Lösungen




Please fill out the gaps with the correct if-clauses.






1.     If she forgets her homework, the teacher will not be very happy.


2.     If I go to Berlin, I'll visit the zoo.


3.     You would have been very sorry if you had left school last year. (impossible)


4.     Peter would have a great time, if he drove to Barcelona.


5.     I will not play football if it rains.


6.     If Michael got more pocket money, he would ask Lisa out for dinner.


7.     It would not have been so cold in here if we had closed the windows yesterday.