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Lösungen Übung Exericse Present Progress
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Present Progressive: LÖSUNGEN



 1.         Please fill out the table.


Bitte fülle die Tabelle aus.





Aussagesatz (+)

Verneinung (-)

Frage (?)


We / (to) learn / English / at the moment


We are learning English at the moment.

We are not learning Englisch at the moment.

Are we learning English at the moment?


Peter / (to) listen to / music

Peter is listening to music.

Peter is not listening to music.

Is Peter listening to music?


Look! / they / (to) work / in the kitchen


Look! They are working in the kitchen.


Look! They are not working in the kitchen.

Look! Are they working in the kitchen?








2.         Form questions in the Present Progressive. Do not forget

            the question word.


Bilde Fragen im Present Progressive. Vergiss das

Fragewort nicht.




1.         What are the kids doing? – They are doing their



2.         Why is Anne cleaning the bathroom? – It is very dirty.


3.         Where is Claire singing? – She is singing in  living room.








3.         Simple Present OR Present Progressive? Tip: keywords.


            Simple Present oder Present Progressive? Tipp: Signalwörter.




1.         Look! Peter and Susan are watching a film.




2.         He often walks home from school.  




3.         I never go to bed before 10 o'clock (p.m.).